Monday, December 10, 2007

Five Flash Gift Ideas

Funny solution for finding unique and unusual flash gifts and presents for your special occasions.

USB Wristband Flash Memory Drive

This funny USB silicone wristband securely attaches to your wrist to store your favourite documents, photos, music, school assignments and more.

Its storage capacity is 1GB, it has a cool silicone look and it is available in capacities ranging fromm 32MB to 1GB. The bands can also be customised with a company logo or any message if you're willing to buy at least 100 of the things direct from Imation Japan. USB 2.0 data transfer rate up to 480 Mbps, no driver is needed for most operating systems. Plug it into any USB port, it looks and functions just like another hard drive.

Swarowski Heart Beat USB

Philips-Swarovski fashionable USB Flash Disk (UFD) “Heart Beat” is made Silver Shade Crystals set in Ceralun and polished stainless steel. It has 1 GB from external storage and a bunch of embedded Swarovski crystals on its case. "Heart Beat" is a two-piece heart-shaped locket drive, one of Philips-Swarovski’s “Active Crystals” series computing accessories.

Supertalent pen and USB Flash Drive

This NG Series 3-in-1 executive style Supertalent pen is a great gift idea. It is a laser p ointer, ink pen and USB flash drive combination.

It comes with a gift box and it has a glossy paint body with chrome trim and a twist mechanism in metal case design. This Supertalent pen is a large, elegant and smooth writing instrument. It has full compatibility with USB 1.1 and 2.0, supports password protection. LED indicates power and busy, there is no need for driver for most operating systems.

JetFlash DSC

Taiwanese manufacturer Transcend has extended USB Flash drive with a digicam/storage combo. Not only that the JetFlash DSC is a typical flash drive, there is a 640 x 480 digicam built in there too. The JetFlash DSC is available with 128MB or 256MB of memory, and the connector is a USB 1.1. It has a tiny rechargeable battery to keep it operational. The lens is a fixed-focus, you can't expect to take great pictures, but it can't be beaten for portability. With JetFlash DSC you can easely copy photos to your computer. The first of its kind was Philips Camera Key Ring, but it is less capacious and heavier.

USB Ghost Radar

SolidAlliance has come up with a GhostRadar USB flash memory that detects, ghosts :)

Basically, it responds to unusual magnetic waves with audible alerts and flashing red lights. This thing maybe useful for paranoid travelers who stay in all kinds of hotel rooms and need to check them out. USB Ghost Radar beeps in rhythm, and the lights are activated depending on the situation. The volume and intensity of the beeps supposedly indicates how close your ghost is. The lights are used to help you determine the ghost’s position, the ghost’s movement, and the risk possibilities.